A short presentation of the admins on the server

What are admins doing

The admins help out when there are issues on the server and also moderate on discord.

Not satisfied, have a complaint

Send a private message on discord to grandrolf if that's the case, give as much information as possible.

The order below is based on when the player became admin (sorry if I got it in wrong order /grandrolf) - exception: owner is listed first

grandrolf (grandrolf#1426 on discord)

Owner and creator of Palcraft - part of the admin team.

eobie - retired (eobie#4486 on discord)

Creator of eobiecraft. Retired as admin, but still with admin privileges.

PlushieFox (PlushieFox#2727 on discord)

Part of the admin team

OldDogy (OldDogy#0613 on discord)

Part of the admin team