We aim to run a server with as few restrictions as possible. A set of rules is however necessary in every community…

  • No quarrys in overworld. Ender quarrys are allowed in the Nether, Twilight forestĀ and Deep Dark. BC-quarrys are only allowed in Deep Dark
  • Contribute to make the server lag free by, for instance, making sure your quarrys don’t create massive waterfalls (or any other fluid for that matter) or by not building large amounts of windmills or other animated items
  • PVP is on. Only commit murder with the victim’s consent

And the following should almost go without saying…

  • Don’t be rude or insult people in chat
  • No Spamming
  • No Racism/Homophobia or any other generally offensive language
  • Keep Swearing to a minimum (you will be warned if you are going overboard)

In short: be a pal.


/PalCraft team