Author: grandrolf

Derped with update

Kind of derped the update of the pack, hotfix is sent to FTB-team.

So if you upgrade to 1.0.1 there can be some things not working, but 1.0.2 should be around soon.

A manual quick fix is to download this version of Tinkers Construct and remove the one in the 1.0.1 pack, then you’re good to go.

Sorry for the derp 😉


Whitelist application

If you’re looking for a whitelist application form, then you’ll have to wait just a bit more – we’re sorting out the last bits and pieces of the site as well on the server.

You should be albe to apply within a day or two.


Greetings and welcome to PalCraft

Hello fellow Minecrafter!

Something great is in the making, if everything goes as planned a Minecraft server 1.7.10 with mods will soon be open.

To be able to play on the server you need to be whitelisted. There will soon be a link to a application form of some sort.