How to apply to Palcraft server


Instructions: Copy and paste text below, then make a new topic here.

Ingame Name:
Where are you from?:
Why do you prefer playing in a small community?:
Tell us something about yourself:
Why should we accept you?:

We aim to run a server with as few restrictions as possible. A set of rules is however necessary in every community…

  • No quarrys in overworld. Ender quarrys are allowed in the Nether, Twilight forest and Deep Dark. BC-quarrys are only allowed in Deep Dark
  • Contribute to make the server lag free by, for instance, making sure your quarrys don’t create massive waterfalls (or any other fluid for that matter) or by not building large amounts of windmillsor other animated items
  • PVP is on. Only commit murder with the victim’s consent

And the following should almost go without saying…

Don’t be rude or insult people in chat

  • No Spamming
  • No Racism/Homophobia or any other generally offensive language
  • Keep Swearing to a minimum (you will be warned if you are going overboard)

In short: be a pal.


Derped with update

Kind of derped the update of the pack, hotfix is sent to FTB-team.

So if you upgrade to 1.0.1 there can be some things not working, but 1.0.2 should be around soon.

A manual quick fix is to download this version of Tinkers Construct and remove the one in the 1.0.1 pack, then you’re good to go.

Sorry for the derp 😉


Whitelist application

If you’re looking for a whitelist application form, then you’ll have to wait just a bit more – we’re sorting out the last bits and pieces of the site as well on the server.

You should be albe to apply within a day or two.


Greetings and welcome to PalCraft

Hello fellow Minecrafter!

Something great is in the making, if everything goes as planned a Minecraft server 1.7.10 with mods will soon be open.

To be able to play on the server you need to be whitelisted. There will soon be a link to a application form of some sort.